Company Profile

Amson specializes in the production, design and marketing of a broad range of Power, AV connectivity products, IT, AV upgrade products & wireless solutions for mobile external devices. These products establish the connection; sync & charge, increase the bandwidth capability between mobile device/ equipment and its connected external device.

Amson has successfully positioned itself as a focused player with a significant reach across India. Within a short span, Amson has successfully transformed itself from a pure Adaptor & Charger company to a leading integrated Supply Chain Solution Provider.

Choose Amson for your entire mobility, AV needs, and more port connectivity errands. Be it to add more power on the go, high-speed data transfer; increase its bandwidth speed capability, or even simply a solution upgrade, Amson has got you covered 200 products to choose from. Make a winning move and choose (Amson)

Incorporated in 1994, with the Telecom revolution in India. Started with a vision to create multiple secondary products to enhance the utility of the primary telecom devices. Amson was committed to provide the genuine solutions to the end users. Work to make a difference in a time when businesses were busy selling to each other and being consumer friendly was the last thing on their mind.

Amson has been a manufacturer since 1994, and today has one of the widest collections of mobility power, AV connectivity products available from a single manufacturer.We have been constantly innovating and evolving as a company for the past 15 years, and consistently delighting our patrons with exceptionally qualitative products.